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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is created by drawing a small amount of blood from a client into sterile tubes, and then spinning the blood in a centrifuge. This process separates the red blood cells from the platelet rich plasma proteins. The concentration of PRP has many different growth factors and cytokines, which are valuable to cell production and restoration.

— Platelet Rich Plasma —


Historically PRP has been used in a variety of medical fields, such as dental, reconstructive, orthopedics, and sports medicine. Due to its healing and new growth results, it has proven to be an ideal product to be used in the cosmetic industry. PRP promotes the production of collagen and new cell growth in the skin. When used in a cosmetic setting, it helps to create an overall more youthful appearance as the skin is nourished with your own blood product. It helps to reduce fine lines and addresses skin that has a crepey appearance.

— Platelet Rich Plasma —


There are a variety of ways that PRP can be used on a client.

We can use it during a micro-needling procedure (AKA vampire facial). This will help the overall skin tone and texture of the face and neck. It will help to reduce fine lines, and will assist with firming up the skin. Due to its restorative properties, it is an excellent treatment for clients who are wishing to address existing scars from acne or injury. 

It can also be used to help restore hair loss in areas of the scalp have hair thinning. This treatment is usually done either with micro-needling the scalp or using a very fine needle to administer the PRP.

It is also frequently used under tear troughs to help with cell production with the goal of reducing dark circles under the eye, firming the skin, and reducing fine lines.

— Platelet Rich Plasma —


PRP is not a dermal filler and cannot be compared to one as they offer different results. Dermal fillers help to fill in wrinkles and folds of the skin that have developed.  Dermal fillers are used to restore or create volume. The results that are seen with fillers is instantaneous, whereas PRP is a treatment that offers overall results of increased quality of skin tone, and improved texture and firmness over time. PRP is ideal for clients with very fine lines, crepey or thin skin or those who are wanting overall skin integrity.

— Platelet Rich Plasma —


While each client differs, optimal results are seen after at least 3-4 treatments.

These treatments should be spaced out at least 4 weeks apart. After the last treatment, it is advisable to receive ongoing maintenance treatments to keep the desired results. These can be anywhere 6-8 months depending on need. Please keep in mind that results and number of treatments vary from client to client.

— Platelet Rich Plasma —


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