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After graduating in 2004, owner, Adrienne Miller’s nursing career has taken her on a number of different paths. Her experience ranges from the hospital setting, home care, IV sedation dentistry, and now cosmetic injectables. A working mother of four children, Adrienne understands the demands of life and family while juggling being a successful business owner.

When I was considering the name of my business, I wanted a word that all women could relate to. The word “beautiful” came to mind. I feel that women, young and old, all want to be beautiful. I decided to use the Dutch word for beautiful which is “mooi”. It’s a nod to my heritage, and I loved the look and sound of the word.

My goal with Mooi is to provide optimal care in which my clients know and feel that they are valued.  When I meet a client for the first time in a consult, I want to hear their concerns and goals and come up with a tailored plan to help achieve optimal results.  Because we are all individual, the plan will be different for each client.

Mooi is committed to using only Health Canada approved devices and products.

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